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What is Export-Manga? Business Concept Print E-mail

Who are we?

In the group of Export-Manga we are working daily to offer a better service and give the best of ourselves. Our work is our hobby and our passion. For that reason we focus our efforts on offer the best products at unbeatable prices as we would like to find ourselves, original products of the highest quality directly exported from Japan, from the heart of the same Tokyo.

Our customers are our friends, indeed via e-mail or even chat sometimes, we have a close relationship with you and we love to help us to improve for your benefit. So we are open to suggestions, changes in the Web or searching for you the products you are looking for.

For these reasons Export-Manga has become a reliable shop and company, and we have won a pulse, over time, and every day, with you at now and particularly at the enterprise level. You can even check on Ebay, when we launched a new product to market or through the portal, our scoring has been impeccable: always giving away our customers with service and treatment also unbeatable.

Our group is based on four people responsible for directing and providing the main tasks and to pool their roles and the best of each. Five "knights" combined to achieve maximum efficiency and achieve the best results. The idea of group is the thing that gives power to Export-Manga:

Chief Executive Officer

Amir is responsible for coordinating all movements of the business at the administrative level, commercial and propose to the rest of the group the products and ideas that are to be launched. He himself is the one who has done a little better known this group through the portal Ebay, where he is well-known under the nickname of yoamojapon. With a score of 100% so far, many ebayers have become good friends as well as buyers, thanks to the strength displayed so far. Amir is a lover of Japanese culture since well child, an admirer of Japanese animation, manga and martial arts. In fact, it's practitioner and teacher of traditional Aikido.



Amir in front of the futuristic restaurant boat design by Leiji Matsumoto

Head of purchasing and store

A jeep. He is responsible for reviewing and classifying material here in Shinjuku, the terms of shipments and the one who makes the largest volume of purchases and advises other group members how and where to buy the best, at the best price. A real lynx that moves like a fish in water when it comes to dealing with the Japanese for any subject. Furthermore also supports Amir on issues of management and creative work and Ayumi in contact with customers, fans, etc..


Electronics division

Jesus is in charge of helping Hiroyuki in everything related to shipping, shopping, etc.. also in charge of video games and technology division. It's a real expert and lover of video games and knows everything from the media, not only retro titles such as Nintendo NES but also the latest releases in video games and cutting-edge technological developments. Jesus came to Japan a few years ago to study Japanese, martial arts and because he loved this whole world of video games and multimedia since his very childhood.


Human Resources

The balance, tranquillity, and the female brain part of the group. Although the majority of us can speak Japanese, she along with Hiroyuki are responsible for making contacts with major customers, stores and contacts through the network here in Japan. The great knowledge of Ayumi not only about this manga and animation world, but of Japanese culture and society in general, is essential. She always attend to the most important  media events held here in Japan. Thanks to her presence Export-Manga can give a good account of the premiere of anime most important products, fairs, etc. and have a more direct contact with fans and artist of the media.


The new generation of Export-manga is based on 2 new signing stars . 2 powerful "EVA's" willing to give the best of themselves:

Public relations in Spain

Julio is the liaison between the company and the public, he is responsible for contacting the administrators of several web sites with whom he conducts advertising contracts. He also reports on what is fashionable in every moment in japanese manga and animation world. Besides he has studied Japanese for four years and has extensive relationship with Japanese culture both at personal and professional. At present he is living in Spain, so he knows what the fans like best out of Japan and he helps us to determine the best type of products to offer our clients. In short Julio is in charge of making known Export-Manga as what we are, a bridge between Japanese culture and the rest of the world.



Editing, production and human resources

JJ is Senior Technician of audiovisual, radio and shows production. He has played different roles in numerous television stations, in addition to being the executive producer of the short film "Revolution" (winner of over 50 awards at national and international levels). He has also carried out various projects as a  freelance producer and director. He combines these activities with the executive production of "Televisión Alternativa" TV on the internet and collaborates also as consultant for Seawolves audiovisual company.


Javier along with his entire team will be responsible for editing and assembling all the videos, reports and documentaries we make giving a professional touch to all our productions. JJ together with Julio will coordinate from Spain "all our movements".


Business concept

Varios productos Export-Manga is a young company that was founded with the idea of supplying the growing market for products / goods related to the animation / manga from Japan. In this catalogue can be included from manga, anime books and artbooks to any item or article such as a watch, a T-shirt or a toy.

Our concept of the company is to buy and personally guarantee the authenticity and quality of our shipments from the very heart of Japan. The people who form this group are not only simply experts on the world of manga and anime, but also great lovers of Japanese culture. That's why our concept of enterprise is more familiar and traditional. And we want that people who buy our products feel that they are really buying from the traditional Japan. That’s why we will include very soon in our website and catalogue cultural references related to the series / products that the customer purchases.

Varios productos The reason for our success at a particular level and now at the enterprise level is perhaps precisely because of that concept and traditional family: our store in Shinjuku (one of the main districts of the capital, Tokyo) receives goods daily from the best known stores but also from the most specialized and bizarre. This allows us to offer customers a wide range, not just recent anime series related products but also very old products unthinkable and impossible to achieve in the West marketplace since they have been phased or print out or sold out long time ago (even decades). Nevertheless, here and thanks to the patience and collective search of “our team” we can find almost everything.

The goal is then, little by little, not only to supply the Spanish and European market in general but with time to make a good campaign on the American continent as well. In fact, even before consolidate the company as such, at a particular level, our customer base covered much of the globe (from Spain to Australia). We always want to offer our customers a personal treatment allowing them to be informed of any new improvements so they can enjoy their purchases with maximum comfort.

Amir Garcia

Chief Executive Officer

No matter how powerful we may be fighting-wise a system where all the parts react the same way is a system with a fatal flaw. Like individual, like organization. Overspecialization leads to death.

Motoko Kusanagi, Ghost in the shell


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