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Methods of Payment Print E-mail

In Export-Manga we always like to give you the best help in all respects. That is why we want the method of payment is not an obstacle or takes you much time. To do so we give you the possibility to choose among three methods of payment:


You only need to put your paypal account address, your password and everything is done, the total amount of shopping cart will be transferred directly.

Credit Card

We also take advantage of Paypal system to charge via through credit card. Simply you input both your personal information and your credit card details through the Paypal form.

Bank Transfer

To pay by bank transfer you must select this option when the system makes you to choose the method of payment during the purchase process. The banking details are provided when all the process is finished.

Important: A deadline of one week maximum will be given to make the cash payment, otherwise the order will be cancelled automatically.

Our prices are subject to change depending on the fluctuation of the yen, so it might vary slightly, but we always try to keep the conversion as tight as possible to the other currency, so that we can bring you the best at the best price.



ORDERING A LA CARTE We can find anything in Japan!

Talk to us in English via Skype!

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